Featuring Denmark Foods Kilt Lifter Brats

Four Bratwurst Service Tents

Denmark Foods Kilt Lifter Brats
Denmark Foods Golden Jalapeno/Cheddar Brat
Regensburg Brat Plate
West Coast Brat – Chicken Apple Sausage
Famous Tempe Oktoberfest Sauerkraut
Hot Dogs / German Potato Salad
Hot Pretzels w/Cheese Cup
Soda / Water

Brown's Amusement Carnival Treats

Corn Dogs
Funnel Cakes
Curly Fries
Cotton Candy

Island Noodles

Soba Noodles


German Bakery
Fresh Baked Strudel
Fresh Baked Cookies
Ice Cream Products
Hot Pretzels w/ Cheese Cup
Soda / Water

Four Peaks Oktoberfest Discounted Presale Tickets

Entrance Fee
$10 Friday & Saturday
(Sat free until 2 PM)
Sunday Free

Magic Money Card / App

All Oktoberfest purchases: food, drink, carnival rides and entrance fee will be through preloaded cards or apps. Purchase your entry fee on-line and avoid the first step of the entry process. Redeem your QR code and quickly move to the next step – the initial loading of your Magic Money card /app . Look for special Entrance Express entrance signage

Each initial Money Magic card / app transaction will include a $2.00 activation fee After the initial $2.00 fee, the same card / app can be recharged for the entire evening or entire weekend without an additional $2.00 activation charge. There are no other fees associated – just $2.00 – that’s it!!

Purchase $10 entrance tickets for $8.00 if purchased online and prior to October 8th.