1500 Strong!


Hello and welcome to the 49th Four Peaks Oktoberfest. Throughout the course of the weekend it will take 1,500 volunteers to keep the beer flowing and people happy to ensure the event’s success! Volunteering with Oktoberfest’s non-profit organization, Tempe Sister Cities, is a great way to spend time with friends, family, volunteering with teams, groups, co-workers, and if you need school or any other community service, a fun way to get those done too! Whether in a beer tent, food area, operations, sustainability, or volunteer support, there is something for everyone.

Also new this year – for food shifts – Fund raising opportunity for clubs, teams,  schools, booster groups, churches, work groups! For each full food shift, Tempe Sister Cities will donate $250 for each shift block signed up for and completed by a group of 15-18 people. More details at this link.

All volunteers will receive a t-shirt, voucher for one beer/beverage and a brat to be used after their shift. All volunteers will enter through the Main Gate and check in at the Volunteer Check-In tent to the left of the Admission Box-Office. The new upgraded, volunteer hospitality tent will be located just east of the main entertainment stage – right in the middle of all the action. See you there!

Questions or any additional information, please reach out to our volunteer coordinator at


The favorite assignment is serving beer. Recruit a few friends of colleagues and discover pouring is more fun when your friends are there. Training provided. Patrons will have a 21+ ID wristband prior to reaching your service station. There are 8 beer and 4 wine service areas. We need you and your crew!

Hot grilled BrAts - FOOD

Plenty of multitasking in all the 4 brat tents and the German Bakery. A great way for a multiple group types to volunteer together and raise $250 per four hour shift completed. Signing up for more than one shift is encouraged. Promote your organization or place of work with a banner and/or wearing your themed shirts. Looking for groups of 15-18. More details at this link.


Without a robust crew of grillmiesters it just would not be Oktoberfest. After all, you can’t drink a beer without a well grilled brat in the off hand. Grab your brother or neighbor and volunteer as a 
team. The cold beverage, after your shift, will never taste better.


The City of Tempe has developed an aggressive set of event recycling guidelines. Four Peaks Oktoberfest will meet the challenge with the help of a dynamic cadre of sustainability rangers. Much of the work will be public relations – informing that the blue cans are for recycling and the green 90 gallon containers are for landfill. We need your help. High school and college groups are perfect for this assignment.


Can’t sleep? We have the perfect volunteer opportunity. We have an overnight crew that cleans the park for another day. The majority of the time is spent rolling 90 gallon containers to points along the main concourses where City of Tempe refuse trucks can lift and empty.. Then we roll them back to their interior park locations. Always finished  before dawn.


Numerous different volunteer opportunities available:

  • AZTV Das 29th Oktoberfest Runnin’ for the Brats – Saturday Morning
  • Signage – putting them up with a Sunday take down
  • The shade umbrella crew
  • Event setup and take down (Dachshund Races)
  • AZTV Das 29th Oktoberfest Runnin’ for the Brats – Saturday Morning
  • Signage – putting them up with a Sunday take down
  • The shade umbrella crew
  • Event setup and take down (Dachshund Races)


The primary mission of Tempe Sister Cities (TSC) is providing Tempe area high school summer seniors with a ten week international experience that , at the age of 17, may be the most exciting and enriching, to date experience of their lives. For the past 47 years TSC has relied on the funds raised through Oktoberfest to send, after a rigorous selection process, an average of 26 student delegates nine of TSC eleven sister cities. Starting in the early 70s, the total number of delegates is quickly approaching one thousand.

What do the delegates have in common or what is not unusual:

  • The international experience has focused many a career choice.
  • Their new brother or sister becomes a lifelong friend.
  • The delegate’s families become friends and visit one another.
  • They are the best and brightest.
  • They attend the best colleges and universities.
  • From doctors to Peace Corp volunteers, they are leaders.
    The international exposure adds depth to their life experiences and completes the 1956 vision of President Eisenhower when he established Sister Cities International. Knowing firsthand the ravages of war he felt citizen diplomacy could be a powerful alternative.
  • Tempe Sister Cities would like to tell you more about our success story. Email us


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